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FMA 7.jpg

FMA 7.jpg
That's right, Al! PUNCH THAT AIR! TRAIN THAT STEEL BODY! Yes, I say these things all the time when I'm bored.



TrainingA woman traing in a bamboo forest..... why is it always the bamboo forest!?!

After training~Sharingan-Girl

They look so cute ^///^

Training is TuffI messed up her shirt but oh well

Teenage Sesshoumaru
pokemon lopunny.jpg

pokemon lopunny.jpg
lopunny and fantinafantina and lopunny... wat else to say

after training
EmikoTalking to Naruto and Jiraiya 5.jpg

EmikoTalking to Naruto and Jiraiya 5.jpg
Emiko Talking with Jiraiya and NarutoJiraiya: This completes your first year of training to fae the Akatsuki you two...
Naruto: So what now?
Emiko: Yeah?
Jiraiya: Ur gonna face me one last time before this year is over...
Emiko/Naruto: HEEEEEH?
Jiraiya: Dont make me repeat myself...
Emiko: Ooook...?
Jiraiya: GO!
Naruto: Ok! Ready, Emiko!
Emiko: Hell yeah!
Emiko/Naruto: RASEGAN!!
Jiraiya: -blocks and sends them flying-
Emiko/Naruto: AHHH!
Emiko: -pic above- Damn it, Jiraiya-sama...
Shizue & Anko  copia.jpg

Shizue & Anko copia.jpg
Shizue and AnkoOne day Shizue realized that she couldnt spend all her life regreting Daizuke's death, so she talked to the 5th (Tsunade)

Shizue: "Tsunade-sama? i need to talk to u"
Tsunade: "ehm... ok... what happened?"
Shizue: "Im tired of being a nuisance, i promised that Daizuke that i will be the best lider of the Asahi Clan ever and i really want to help to Naruto and Sakura to find Sasuke. Thats why i need a sensei"
Tsunade: "a sensei? ill see what i can do"

Tsunade: "Shizue, here is ur new sensei"
*next to Tsunade was Anko*
Shizue: "Anko?"
Anko: "Shizue?"
Tsunade: "Anko, this is your first experience as a sensie; dont disappoint me"


Shizue: "Alright! today we start with the training!"
Anko: "yea... traning..."

Anko: "OK, we arrived"
*Shizue and Anko stand in front on a restaurant*
Shizue: "a restaurant?"
*they enter to the restaurant*

*while Anko was eatting her sweats*
Shizue: "Anko?, is this part of the training?"
Anko: "Of course, we cant have a battle without food in our stomach"
Shizue: *_*
Ichigo and Yo-sensei.jpg

Ichigo and Yo-sensei.jpg
Training!It was just a normal day at the Neko-Chan, until a familiar cry of anger rang through the temple.


As usual, Haruka and Ichigo, along with many other students I'd rather not mention..... ("Hey!") *cough* appeared at the training hall. After hours of intense 'warm-ups', class had begun....

Yoshimi:"Alright, who's first?"
Yoshimi:"Ichigo, you look like you need a good beating- I mean.....beating."
Yoshimi:"*takes deep breath* .................Quickwhat’sthecapitolofNewGuinea?”
Yoshimi:”WRONG ANSWER!! *beat*”
Ichigo:”Ahh! But, Yo-sensei!!”

What is the capitol of New Guinea? We may never know.....
A01 - Haku training.JPG

A01 - Haku training.JPG
NaruHina kids training(haku and honoka - 8 years old - are training)
Haku: Ready?
Honoka: *grins* I was born ready'ttebayo!
Haku: *grins and uses Byakugan*
Honoka: *uses byakugan (Kyuubi chakra gets drawn out too, and byakugan becomes red)*
Haku: *suprised* Sis, your byakugan is red!
Honoka: *looks at reflexs in water* GAH!! MY BYAKUGAN IS BUSTED!!
Haku: *sweatdrops* Byakugans do not get busted...

P.S. : I explain why Honoka's byakugan gets red on her pic at the 2nd generation folder ^-^

Please comment!
Ren and Kumori.png

Ren and Kumori.png
Kumori & Renkumori and ren again they just finished training and ren was asking kumori some questions since she doesnt kno much about his personal life XD
ren:*walking next to kumori*so can i ask some questions and if u dont tell me a straight answer i get to guess the answer ^.^
kumori:lol ok.. then whats the first question
(this continued for about 5 minuets)
ren:ok i have one more
kumori:*sigh* ok miss personal info lover =/
ren:^.^ ok....*stands infront of him* so.. who do u-
?????:kumori is that u???
Suzume training.jpg

Suzume training.jpg
Suzume trainningSuzume often does firece trainning with deadly weapons. I won't be on tomorrow because my wrist still hurts but i will try my best to be on my wrist should be better by friday i hope. So got to go.

Suzume is mine

TenTen edit belongs to masashi kishimoto

500x375(88KB) tired and...very hungry...First training with Kisame and Itachi:
Shizuka: o_O can't train no more...hungry...sleep...
Kisame: *laughts* when did u eat last time?
Shizuka: -_- the day before yesterday morning...
Kisame: Itachi give the girl a break, look at her she'll die before her first mission
Itachi:...fine...5 minutes...
Shizuka: WHAT?!? just five minutes *reads Itachi's mind* ''take it or leave it " okay okay i'll take 5 minutes... they sound great...^^'
Shizuka vs. Melody 3.jpg

Shizuka vs. Melody 3.jpg
Sasori found them unconscious(sp.) and when they woke up they started arguing again :
Sasori: u do realize that u 2 are going to be a team right?
Shizuka and Melody : *glaring at sasori*
Sasori : *sigh* anyway Melody Hidan and Kakuzu r looking for u
Melody : i'm in trouble right?
Shizuka : *devilish smile* hope so
Sasori : and Shizuka... u'll be training the rest of the day with me and Deidara
Shizuka : not fair...

Hanabi TrainingEven exhausted, she has the strength to get back up.

Hanabi's TrainingShe looks like she could just drop... Wait, she just did...

Hanabi CollapsedDoes this look like a spoiled child..? Just wondering.
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