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32jhd cvh.JPG

32jhd cvh.JPG
TaroTaro is the oldest of the two twins. He is good with illusions, creating and escaping them.
He is also good at manipulating his surroundings, as in the greenery and water,
which comes in handy during a fight.
He seems to have a crush on Wana, altough he won't admit it, however he nearly falls out if she gets closer than is "acceptable" as he says.
He usually has a dagger hidden in his clothing, in case of suprise attacks.
He also has what seems to be a huge plant strapped to his back, although sometimes he removes it or leaves it at home.
Because that thing has to be heavy.
The plant seems to latch onto Taro with it's leaf/vine things.
And it can wrap around and instantly kill an unsuspecting victim.
He is very protective of Mika and Wana.(much to the dismay of both of them and countless young men)


TaroThe first I did of Taro..
I hope that I'll get better as time goes on about the editing..
and I'll be putting stuff I drew up here too! lol
Akemi_s team mates.PNG

Akemi_s team mates.PNG
Akemi's team mates show up!After waiting for what seemed like an hour, two people were seen against the horizon. They were two boys. One had a dumb hair cut and the other looked like a girl. Akemi grinned nervously as they approached.

“We’re here sensei.” said the feminine one. Surprisingly though, his voice wasn’t that girly…
“Jig!” sensei grinned and gestured for everyone to sit down.

“Jigg jigly jiggly Illy puff. Puff Jig Pully Jig!” Their sensei explained waving his hands.
“Uh, Sure sensei.” Said the boy with the dumb hair. “My name Miyamoto Musashi! Hehehe, I’m kidding, My name is really Shintamaiterushimohoashoumeitarodesu. But people just call me Maru. I like to run into town screaming with my shirt off. And long walks on the beach.”
Maru grinned.

“Uh…My….My names Akemi, I….uh I like eating sweets, watching ninja warrior, and uh…..playing the piano….”
Akemi felt uncomfortable. She still couldn’t understand her sensei.

“my name is Taro. I hate all living things and Twinkies.”
Taro Grinned. It was hard to tell how serious he was being.

“Jiggly! Jigg Jigg Puff!” Their sensei smiled again. “Jiggly Jiggly Jigglypuff!”
“A Mission, really!?” Maru was thrilled. “Thank you Jung hwa sensei!”

~Next episode: Akemi’s first mission!~
Akemi mission.PNG

Akemi mission.PNG
Akemi's First Mission!Mission: Escort Barbie to her life.
This is a challenging mission for genins. But too easy for Jonins.
They finish there mission, Jung hwa kills Barbie, and they get back to Konoha.
Akemi chunin.PNG

Akemi chunin.PNG
The News...Several weeks later

Third Hokage: "Yes. The chunin exams will be hosted three days from now. Anyone who thinks their students are ready for this, speak now."

Asuma: "I, sarutobi Asuma, would like to enroll Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino, and Akamichi Choji."

Kurenai: "I Yuhi Kurenai, would like to enroll Hyuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, and Aburame Shino."

Kakashi: "I Hatake Kakashi, would like to enroll Uchiha Sasuke, he's good for a rookie, Uzumaki Naruto, 'cause its his manga, and Haruno Sakura, 'cause I have to."

Jung hwa: "Jigg Jiggly puff, Puff Jigg Puff Jiggly Jigg Jigg, Jiggpuff Jig, puff Jigglypuffjigjigpufflyjigglypuffjiggjiggjigpuff!"

(I'll save you of Iruka's whining...)

Third: "Great, It looks like everyone's ready. Tell your students to show up at the academy in three days for the written part of the chunin exams!"


Maru: "So whats up Jung hwa sensei?"

Jung hwa: ".......................Jigg........................."

Taro: "THE CHUNIN EXAMS? Are you sure we're ready!?"

Akemi: "Uh......wh....what are the chunin exams?"

Jung hwa: "Jig?"

Akemi: "What are the Chunin exams, sensei?"

Jung hwa: "Jigg! Puff puff jiggly. Jig, jiggly pufpuff jigg puffly puff jigg! Jigglypuff!!!!!!!! *Jung hwa turns to Taro and nods* Jiggly!" He smiled

Maru: "But we only have three days till the written part right? The We need to study! See ya guys!!! I have to study fast!!!!!" Maru runs off as fast as he can

Taro: "For once, Maru's right. If you think we're ready sensei, then we must be. I'll give it my all."

Jung hwa's eyes sparkled as Taro left.

Akemi : (....I...hope I am ready fro this.)

Jung hwa noticed the the look of doubt on Akemi's face and patted her on the ankle. (He is really short)
Akemi looked down to see Her sensei's face smiling back at her. She smiled back.

Akemi: ( I will do my best. Thanks Jung hwa sensei, even if I can't understand you.......)

~Next episode! The test of test like doom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
Akemi ninjas in exams.PNG

Akemi ninjas in exams.PNG
Everyone's ready for the chunin exams.As everyone (Sorta...Shut up...I was lazy...) waits outside the Academy for the written part of their exams. Akemi spots her ex-friend from child-hood, Mitsura Niyumi. Niyumi had stopped talking to Akemi after they entered the academy, where Akemi became a whole different person.
little random character.jpg

little random character.jpg
Little Taro YasushiThis is Taro Yasushi little. His history will be on the next picture i put up.
Taro Yasushi is mine (L)
Sasuke Uchiha belong to Mashashi Kishimoto
random team member.jpg

random team member.jpg
Taro Yasushi age 12This is Taro Yasushi at the age of 12. I made him because one of my friends on youtube needed a new team member and i made him. I like him alot. Anyways, he was born in the land of lightning but after his clan was killed he was found by the third hokage as a toddler and he lived in the leaf village for his whole life. Despite the fact that he wants revenge he is nothing like Sasuke. He is kind and gentle, very quiet and normally wants to be alone and will protect the people dear to him.

see below
Taro Yasushi worried.jpg

Taro Yasushi worried.jpg
Taro Yasushi worriedhe looks worried, probably wondering about his clan or why he is suposebly one of the only survivors or one of his teammates is in trouble.

Taro belongs to me
Sasuke belongs to Mashashi Kishimoto
Taro Yasushi.jpg

Taro Yasushi.jpg
Shippuden Taro YashushiWow, i loved how this turned out. He looks so hot. Anyways this is him in shippuden form. He does not betray the village but doesn't care about avenging his clan anymore because he knows that his time will come to face off that opponent. Anyways enjoy him, and he might be taken so enjoy!!!

Taro belongs to me
shippuden Sasuke belongs to Mashashi Kishimoto
Taro Yasushi shippuden 2.jpg

Taro Yasushi shippuden 2.jpg
another shippuden Taro Yasushiwell here's another picture of Shippuden Taro Yashushi. It isn't as good as the first but he still looks hot! Lol, jk! Anyways enjoy!
Shippuden Sasuke belongs to Mashashi Kishimoto
Taro Yasushi is mine
Taro Yasushi shippuden 3.jpg

Taro Yasushi shippuden 3.jpg
Taro Yasushi shippuden 3Here's another picture of Taro, because he is so sexy and all the girls love him! Lol, Jk! anyways i don't know if he's talking to someone or trying to kill him but it might be naruto or naruto's son. Anyways enjoy!

Taro belongs to me (L)
Shippuden Sasuke and Naruto belong to mashashi kishimoto
Taro Yasushi looking down.jpg

Taro Yasushi looking down.jpg
Taro Yasushi looking downWow this one doesn't look so good, mainly the eyes are what bug me. Anyways, i'm glad i made a boy character that looks sexy. Enjoy him ladies!

Taro is mine
Shippuden Sasuke belongs to Mashashi Kishimoto
Taro Yasushi full shippuden.jpg

Taro Yasushi full shippuden.jpg
Taro yasushi full shippuden outfityup sexy is back! but i don't think this edit is very good mainly because the shoes were crappy to do. So anyways enjoy! This is his full shippuden outfit
Taro belongs to me
Sasuke belongs to Mashashi Kishimoto

Taro-pic-needed X3 taro im putting it here so i font have to go diggin thru my pics to find it when i need it im using it in a team pic X3 ima post the other pieces too then when they're all done ima make it itno one big pic and put a story :D
anyways plzz rate and comment

TEAM IDK BACKGROUND!!! :Dmy first tema idk background X3
lexi-belongs to mizu
taro-belings to my friend AAA
and ren and kumori r mine :D

Mika :Dfinally i got a pic of kumoris older sister mika up X3
shes 18 cuz shes 4 yrs older then kumori :3 and as u can see she looks nothing lyk him XD but the so shes the factor that the bumpy thing of their bangs r only bumppy oon the left side and the right side is flat *-* i had fun making her X3 but i dont think ima kep the outfit its really weird looking to me DX i tried making he routfit cute :/ well anywyas she doesnt wear her ninja headband but she always wearing the one in the pic
plzz rate and commet

ROKA!!! :Dthis is roka Kumori and Mika's older brother but this was back when kumori was 8 and still wanted to be lyk his brother and mika still liked him but that very yr roka did somethign horrible(will be revealed later on) that changed how kumori felt about his brother now mika wishes roka would change and kumori hates roka
well anyways roka is 16 here so hes 2 yrs olde rthan mika and 6 yrs older then kumori
he takes after both parents with hair and eyes he has both eyes and hair colors of his parents

Kumori infront of a mirrorkumori was standing infront of a mirror the night of a festival he wa sgonna start going there i nfew minutes (hes about 4 here) and he asked him this question "do i really look like daddy???"
X3 he kept thinking aobut it even at the festival

Kumoris promisemikas crying cuz she really worried about kumori -hes setting out on a incredibly dangerous mission by himslef and shes afraid if he goes he wont come back alive
mika:*crying* plzz kumori ....plzz dont go
kumori: i'll be ok mika *wipes her tear* ill be fine
mika:but what if u dont come back??*sob*
kumori:i promise u mika if i dont come back i promise ill be by ur side and waiting for u in the afterlife
mika: u promise?*still crying*
kumori:i promise ^_^
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