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KumoriAge 7. Mini- Kakashi, I know xD...

KumoriAoikiri's Summoning animal a mix between a a tiger and a panda XD

Kumori stange 2Kumori stage two

kumori flower shop this is one day wen kumori is in the flower shop and notices ino behind the counter
kumori:*glancing around the shop*
ino:*leans on arms*Hi, kumori
kumori:Huh?*looks at ino* oh hey ino, u work here?
ino:yea it my family's shop
kumori:oh*glances at the flowers then bak at ino
ino:wait Ooo ur looking at flowers looking at flowers huh? *teasing voice*what for? u get a girlfriend? or u just getting them for amaya?
*continued in another pic*
plzz rate and comment

kumori flower shop part2*continued*
kumori:*gets face in pic*NO! IM GETTIGN TEHM FOR MY SISTER! *calms down* shes in the hospital and i wanted to bring her a flower
ino:*surpirsed*oh srry bout that then,so y is she in the hospital? just wondering
kumori:I dont really kno shes sick but the doctors dont kno exactly wat it is yet
ino:oh ok then so what kind of flower u gonne get her?
kumori:uh idk
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Guess who X3this is a pic of kumori on his first day of coming to the leaf village.(his shirt is ripped if u wondering y it looks the way it does-ill explain more about his past later on that will reveal y its ripped) the girl is ren the firs friend kumori makes in the leaf village they're both about 8 here
Ren:c'mon this is where the kids hang out ^.^
kumori:*shy* uh...huh......thos ppl they look so
ren:cuz they are ^.^ and i can help u make some more friends too ^_^
kumori:I...i-i- i don- i dont kno...
older-younger wow.png

older-younger wow.png
younger-older-what a differencethis is just a random pic i made to show the difference between lil kumori and older kumori :/ its a big difference but not so big u cant tell who he is
"younger-older-what a difference"
Ren and Kumori.png

Ren and Kumori.png
Kumori & Renkumori and ren again they just finished training and ren was asking kumori some questions since she doesnt kno much about his personal life XD
ren:*walking next to kumori*so can i ask some questions and if u dont tell me a straight answer i get to guess the answer ^.^
kumori:lol ok.. then whats the first question
(this continued for about 5 minuets)
ren:ok i have one more
kumori:*sigh* ok miss personal info lover =/
ren:^.^ ok....*stands infront of him* so.. who do u-
?????:kumori is that u???
just a

just a
Just A Dream... ...No It's Real...this was a dream Kumori had one night wen these words came to him b4 he woke up
Just a Dream... ...No It's Real..
kumori:*wakes up really fast*huh? *sigh* it was just a dream thank god *puts hands to face*geeze kumori get a hold of urslef shes a princess ur and outcast
mika:kumori r u up??!!*yelling from hall*
kumori:*stays silent then goes back to sleep*
mika:i guess hes not :/

kumori and his sisters boyfriend in the hot springsthis is kumori with his sister bf in the hot springs his sis's bf is talking to kumori about girls and it got on the subject of ren wen he asked kumori who he lyked(btw yes thats saki in the cup X3)
Kenji:so this girl treats u lyk every other guy??? well ive seen her she aint nothing specail and shes a rotten princess at that..
kumori:*gets face lyk in pic*how can u... say that lyk she doesnt exist...
kenji:*was about to take sip wen kumori said that-stops* uh ....well .....

kumori....?this one day just hours a big battle was fought in front of yes the castle X) and ren went outside just to look around when she saw kumori collapsed on the ground
ren: ...Kumori......? *walk/runs over to him*
kumori:*breathing heavy*. .ugh... *in pain* .... *tries to get up and falls*
ren: kumori?!*kneels next to him and helps him up enough to lean against her* kumori?? ur hurt*worried*
kumori: Ugh*kinda sitting/ leaning in her lap* im-i-im f-fin-AGH!!*in a lot of pain*
kumori-sneek out X3.PNG

kumori-sneek out X3.PNG
kumori sneaking outkumoris sneaking out o.o his sister wont let him out past 9 so he snuck out X3 but he ran into another sneaker-outer(XD)
kumori:walking with hood on*
ren:*walking sees someone flashes flashlight on them*kumori?kumori-sensei?
kumori:*face lyk in pic*oh ren hey u sneek out too??
ren:*nods* im heading to that new club ^.^ what bout u?? wait O_O when did uget all those piercings?!
kumori:*laughs* i've had um just never wore the rings cuz i couldnt find um' and hey i'll walk with ya im heading to the club

kumori&ren.....KISSED?!o___o this one day after a mission kumori and ren both were sharing a blanket there were no mores =/
anyways kumori was a lil hurt fro mthe mission DX but ren was talkign to him then she kissed him and he put his arm around her lyk in pic(automatic reaction)it looks lyk kumori is clothingless but hes wearing pajamam pants X) his shirt is all bloody ._.
but yeas rens in pajamas :D

this is kumori :Dkumori out on a mission wen hes about 16 this is while ren is away somewhere with her parents and kumori has no students agian :D XD but anywyas hes getting tracked by the person who cut his arm :O hence hes saying "they're on my trail"
but naywyas yea hes looking back to make sure no ones there and im sure many of u might not realize this but this is in the middle of timeskip this goes on after the normal one and b4 timeskip hence his outfit is different :/ but anywho

TEAM...... IDKX3 idk the name or number of the team XD
lexi belongs to -mizu-
ren&kumori belong to me :D
X3 they're watching a sunet :D X3 pretty
the base was made by ironwitch on d.a. i believe

ToraThis is Tora (Tora means Tiger)
She finishes the team of


Taro-pic-needed X3 taro im putting it here so i font have to go diggin thru my pics to find it when i need it im using it in a team pic X3 ima post the other pieces too then when they're all done ima make it itno one big pic and put a story :D
anyways plzz rate and comment

workingThis is Tora working

(She dosent have any parents so this is another way of making money

ToraJust another cute pic of Tora


for some reason she is so mutch fun to draw

Happy Haloween Everyone!Tora: Happy Haloween!
Kumori: Not this again ...
Tora: What?
Kumori: It's not haloween yet!
Tora: So what!
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