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Badtz Maru!Siggy of Bad Badtz Maru. Whee.

Maru-Dashi and Moro-Dashi
Moon 1484064376.jpg

Moon 1484064376.jpg
Maru and MoroMaru and Moro xxxholic
Akemi_s team mates.PNG

Akemi_s team mates.PNG
Akemi's team mates show up!After waiting for what seemed like an hour, two people were seen against the horizon. They were two boys. One had a dumb hair cut and the other looked like a girl. Akemi grinned nervously as they approached.

“We’re here sensei.” said the feminine one. Surprisingly though, his voice wasn’t that girly…
“Jig!” sensei grinned and gestured for everyone to sit down.

“Jigg jigly jiggly Illy puff. Puff Jig Pully Jig!” Their sensei explained waving his hands.
“Uh, Sure sensei.” Said the boy with the dumb hair. “My name Miyamoto Musashi! Hehehe, I’m kidding, My name is really Shintamaiterushimohoashoumeitarodesu. But people just call me Maru. I like to run into town screaming with my shirt off. And long walks on the beach.”
Maru grinned.

“Uh…My….My names Akemi, I….uh I like eating sweets, watching ninja warrior, and uh…..playing the piano….”
Akemi felt uncomfortable. She still couldn’t understand her sensei.

“my name is Taro. I hate all living things and Twinkies.”
Taro Grinned. It was hard to tell how serious he was being.

“Jiggly! Jigg Jigg Puff!” Their sensei smiled again. “Jiggly Jiggly Jigglypuff!”
“A Mission, really!?” Maru was thrilled. “Thank you Jung hwa sensei!”

~Next episode: Akemi’s first mission!~
Akemi mission.PNG

Akemi mission.PNG
Akemi's First Mission!Mission: Escort Barbie to her life.
This is a challenging mission for genins. But too easy for Jonins.
They finish there mission, Jung hwa kills Barbie, and they get back to Konoha.
Akemi chunin.PNG

Akemi chunin.PNG
The News...Several weeks later

Third Hokage: "Yes. The chunin exams will be hosted three days from now. Anyone who thinks their students are ready for this, speak now."

Asuma: "I, sarutobi Asuma, would like to enroll Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino, and Akamichi Choji."

Kurenai: "I Yuhi Kurenai, would like to enroll Hyuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, and Aburame Shino."

Kakashi: "I Hatake Kakashi, would like to enroll Uchiha Sasuke, he's good for a rookie, Uzumaki Naruto, 'cause its his manga, and Haruno Sakura, 'cause I have to."

Jung hwa: "Jigg Jiggly puff, Puff Jigg Puff Jiggly Jigg Jigg, Jiggpuff Jig, puff Jigglypuffjigjigpufflyjigglypuffjiggjiggjigpuff!"

(I'll save you of Iruka's whining...)

Third: "Great, It looks like everyone's ready. Tell your students to show up at the academy in three days for the written part of the chunin exams!"


Maru: "So whats up Jung hwa sensei?"

Jung hwa: ".......................Jigg........................."

Taro: "THE CHUNIN EXAMS? Are you sure we're ready!?"

Akemi: "Uh......wh....what are the chunin exams?"

Jung hwa: "Jig?"

Akemi: "What are the Chunin exams, sensei?"

Jung hwa: "Jigg! Puff puff jiggly. Jig, jiggly pufpuff jigg puffly puff jigg! Jigglypuff!!!!!!!! *Jung hwa turns to Taro and nods* Jiggly!" He smiled

Maru: "But we only have three days till the written part right? The We need to study! See ya guys!!! I have to study fast!!!!!" Maru runs off as fast as he can

Taro: "For once, Maru's right. If you think we're ready sensei, then we must be. I'll give it my all."

Jung hwa's eyes sparkled as Taro left.

Akemi : (....I...hope I am ready fro this.)

Jung hwa noticed the the look of doubt on Akemi's face and patted her on the ankle. (He is really short)
Akemi looked down to see Her sensei's face smiling back at her. She smiled back.

Akemi: ( I will do my best. Thanks Jung hwa sensei, even if I can't understand you.......)

~Next episode! The test of test like doom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
Akemi ninjas in exams.PNG

Akemi ninjas in exams.PNG
Everyone's ready for the chunin exams.As everyone (Sorta...Shut up...I was lazy...) waits outside the Academy for the written part of their exams. Akemi spots her ex-friend from child-hood, Mitsura Niyumi. Niyumi had stopped talking to Akemi after they entered the academy, where Akemi became a whole different person.
Akemi sound ninjas made fun of!.JPG

Akemi sound ninjas made fun of!.JPG
How to insult a Sound ninja!After the written test (and so many days later) Was the forest of death test thing!

Akemi and her friends Taro and Maru were searching for the other scroll when they ran across three other ninjas.
"Who are you!?" Kin said directing her attention to Akemi's group.
"They're just leaf nin, and it looks like they have the same scroll we have, so don't even bother with them." Dosu replied before anyone else had a chance.

"Wow..." Maru said looking Kin up and down.
"What? Wh..what is it?" Kin said blushing slightly, not because she found him cute but because she was flattered.
"well, it's just..."
"The problem with the gene pool is that there's no lifeguard" Maru said bluntly.
"MARU!" Akemi hissed.
"What?!" Kin was flushed with anger while dosu and zaku snicker behind her.
"I find a few people annoying, and you are all of them" Maru said grinning, this time addressing all of the sound ninjas.

Zaku was the one to speak this time "What did you say to us?"

"Sound nin are like Slinkies... not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs" Maru said

"we were going to leave you three alone, but now," Dosu growled "We're gonna kick your ass!"
"why, Akemi dared me to say that to you, its her fault." Maru said lazily.
"WHAT!!!!!?????" Akemi yelled sending birds spiraling into the sky.
"Fine, I'll take care of you!" Zaku yelled aiming a sound blast at Akemi.
She flew back, hitting a tree leaving behind blood as she slide down its trunk.
Taro ran over and helped her to her feet. "She learned her lesson, Now leave."
"alright, then" Zaku said turning to leave when maru spoke up again.

"I’ve had a wonderful evening - but this wasn’t it."
"OKAY, Thats it!!!" Zaku turned back around, pure rage clouding his vision
Taro and Akemi grabbed Maru's shirt and quickly disappeared .
Akemi the news.JPG

Akemi the news.JPG
Episode 11029954634: The news (THEN You here about Ikustaka!)The next day:

Maru:"So why'd you call us here Jung hwa sensei?"

Jung hwa:"jig.....JIGGLY PUFF! Jigg jig puff jiggly jigg lypuff!"

Taro:"Akemi's gone?"

Maru looks puzzeled. "Who?"

Taro:"Akemi. You know, the girl on our team."

Maru:"..........Is she the fat one?"

Taro:"There is no fat one."

Maru:"Then who was I talking to?"

Taro:"Who cares?! We're talking about where Akemi went!"


Taro, slightly angry now, "A-K-E-M-I!!! AKEMI, The one on our team who is NOT here! The one that tried to look like Sakura, the one that got her ASS Handed to her by Niyumi! REMEMBER!?"

Maru:"Oh. You mean the one that's the main character, even though we're clearly more popular?"


Maru:" You sound angry Taro...are you angry because this is the biggest speaking part you that you've in this whole thing?"

Taro said nothing and turned back to Jung hwa. "So where did she go?"

Jung hwa shook his head (as best he could) " Jigg......"

Maru:"In that case....can I have her room?"

Jung hwa gives a sharp glare to Maru and continues; "Jiggly puff."

Taro:"A training mission?"

Maru:"Ohh! Ohh! Do we get a new team mate!? Can it be a monkey!?"

Jug hwa rolls his eyes, then dismisses the group.

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