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Ed, Al and Cats.Umm….this….it’s because one time when I was coming back from the market, I found them abandoned on the streets….and they looked so pitiful…..and it was about to rain…… I… I brought them home….”
“Really, Al….”
“But……but I really couldn’t just leave them there….and she was about to give birth….I couldn’t….”
“So the reason why you’ve been coming home late recently is because you’ve been taking care of these cats?”
“Yes….because I know you wouldn’t approve… I didn’t say anything all this time…..”
“…remember that time when you asked me why I had blood on me? That was from the cat when she was giving birth…..”
“So that’s why you refused to tell me the truth no matter how much I asked?”
“Yes……but of course, I had no idea I’d be wrapped up into that incident….it really surprised me!”
“You…..never mind~ since that incident’s been resolved. A happy ending~ a happy ending~ But these cats….”
“They’re cute, aren’t they ~? And we have a permanent home now….and I…..I have enough time to take care of them! So….so…..can we take care of them, Brother?”
“……even if I say no, you’d still take care of them, huh? Sigh….”
“That’s really great! Thank you! Brother!”
“Well, since you’ve always wanted cats, and now we have the means to….hey! Don’t climb on to me!! Agghhh!!! It’s gonna fall!!!!”
“Hoho….it seems it likes Brother very much!”
“Hey hey!!! Don’t say that kind of thing at the moment! Help me get it off me, Al!”
“Yes, yes~”

Roy MustangOn the bluebirds Illusion game, Ed finds Roy sleeping in "his" spot. Ed gets revenge by telling Riza where Roy is hiding. XD

Ed and Roy in uniforms"......"
" there something you want to say, Fullmetal?"
"You!!! Don't stare at me!!! Go that way!!! There's a lot of room here!!! Why do we have to stand together under this roof!!!"
"....this is a public place, is it not? It's my freedom to stand wherever I want~"
"Alright! I'm leaving now! You can stand there all you want!!!"
"Hmm ~~~ that's a good idea! Getting wet in the rain might do you some good."
"Because what?"
"....because I heard a bean can grow more quickly with a bit of water!"
"...don't over react~~"
"Let me go!"
"Fullmetal.....I need to talk to you about something...."
"Well sorry! I'm not interested!!"
"Even if it's about your brother, you're still not interested?"
"What....what are you talking about...."
"Your brother's body.....are you sure he's fully restored....? There's really nothing wrong?"
"..I....I don't understand what you're talking about....Al is need for your concern!"
"Fullmetal! You truely have nothing to tell me?!"
"......nothing....but thank you for your concern!!"
" really don't trust me at all?"
" like that...We're fine....I....I have some business to attend to.....the rain's about to stop.....I'm going now....thank you for your concern..."

Everyone: O_OLol. I loved this game so much.
Al: “I’m not afraid of you!”

Murderer: “Bring it on!” [everyone looks like they're about to fight]

Hawkeye: “STOP!”

Everyone: “…..yes…….” [Roy, Ed, Al and the murderer look very afraid. XD]

(The muderer is the guy with the brown hair.)


"Because....because recently there's been a series of murders in the"

"You were worried about me?"

"'s just that...."

During the 4th or 5th day of bringing tea to the Furhrer and General Mustang (Ed has become Colonel) Roy says it sucks. Then Edward says that he's going to put something in the tea tomorrow just for Roy.
The next day, the Furhrer asks Roy to be the one to check for poison. Roy, "Why do I have to be the one to check for poison?" XD

A fightIt seems the murderer wants to kill Alphonse. A fight (which we don’t see) commences. Alphonse asks who he is, and the murderer says, “Well since you’re going to die anyway, I suppose it doesn’t matter if I tell you…..wouldn’t want you to die not knowing what happened……..I’m the one who’s been murdering people…….scared yet?”

“……I’ve heard this line before…..” *sweatdrop*

“Hey! You! Don’t have that I-don’t-care expression on!”

Just as the murderer is about to strike, Ed appears, pissed off. “Don’t do anything rash, Fullmetal,” Roy calls. “You want to kill him?” Hawkeye catches up.

The murderer decides to flee, but Ed transmutes his automail to fight him. [Fight sequence here]

Uh...When they get back home, Ed insists on cooking. “Need you ask? Tonight, I – the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, will prepare tonight’s dinner~”
“Al~! What’s with that expression!”
“Brother….are you alright?”
“What kind of a question is that? Must there be something wrong with my brain everytime I offer to cook?”
“I don’t mean it that way….”
“Then just sit here while I make dinner!”
“But… you really know how to cook?”
“Ha! What are you talking about? It’s not like cooking is anymore difficult than alchemy?!”
“Even though that’s the case….Brother….you…”
“Just sit here and let me take care of things!”

*loud clashing sound of pots and pans*

Al can hear the following:

“What’s this….?”
“Agghhhhh what do I do now?!!!!!!”
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