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A DATE!.jpg

A DATE!.jpg
narubeth-385 viewsthere on a date
naruto: so wanna make out
beth: sure!
naruto* just before they kiss *
a dog: WOOF!
naruto: ahhh!!
beth: * laughs* oh naruto-kun i wuv ya
naruto: i wuv ya too * then they make out*
Akio uchiha.jpg

Akio uchiha.jpg
Akio Uchiha-340 viewsname: Akio Uchiha
age: 5-6
B-Day: december 19
parents: sasuke uchiha and ino uchiha ( yamanaka)
siblings: kunio uchiha and hailee uchiha
fav food: soy beans
least fav food: nothing
bio: she looks so much like her dad but has her moms person ality . she has her dads fighting stile
beth and syuka getting something to eat.jpg

beth and syuka getting something to eat.jpg
beth and syuka getting something to eat-555 viewsbeth: *eating* mmmm
syuka; * eating*mmmmm
beth: so who do you like syuka
syuka: wellno one i guess who do u like ^^
beth; welli would have to say naruto-kun
syuka: really well he is kinda hot but too u
beth: yeah ^^
beth as a neko..jpg

beth as a neko..jpg
beth as a neko-717 viewsbeth: i dont see the point again way do we have to wear these neko things
syuka: cause boys will fall for us
beth: of course * frowns *
beth blushing at a new person and naruto getting mad.jpg

beth blushing at a new person and naruto getting mad.jpg
beth blushing at a new guy and naruto getting mad-756 viewsnew guy : hi ya im new here and could yall help me around town
beth: * blushes * ok
naruto: GRRRR!!!* narutos mind: im the she likes well at least i think but why is she blushing * BETH COME ON!
beth: bu---!
naruto: * grabs beths hand *
beth: NARUTO!!! LET GO!!
naruto: NEVER!!!
new guy: * sad * well fine be that way naruto * his mind: beth was cute and NARUTOS GOING DOWN!! * to be continued
beth crying.jpg

beth crying.jpg
beth crying-245 viewsbeth: * out there training * cha!
suki: * watching silently behind a tree *
beth: * breaks a tree then cries*
suki: she finally is letting it out
beth: * lands on her knees and still crying* why why
suki: comes * its ok beth * hugs her *
beth: * crying * but but why ?
star: aunt beth dont let that getcha down she just a-
suki: STAR!!!!!
star: srry mama
beth greeting them.jpg

beth greeting them.jpg
beth greeting suki and the family-408 viewsthis is princcess beth shimi ( bethany shimi )
beth: * walked out to greet suki anhe family*
suki: OMG!! BETH!! * runs over to her and hugs her*
star: aunt beth!!! * hugs her*
yuki/usagi: AUNT BETH!!!! * hugs her *
dan: beth!! * hugs her *
naruto: * appears * ..hey.... beth
beth: * being hugged * ... what is he doind here
suki: he wanted to come
beth: oh... so yall come in srry hat im wearing my not so good kimono
naruto: it looks fine
beth:... uh thxs
beth inviting them to a ball..jpg

beth inviting them to a ball..jpg
Beth inviting them to a ball-274 viewsBeth: hey would you guys like to go to the ball were having tonight
suki: YESH!!!
dan: suki!!! i dont wanna go
suki: your going!!!!
star and usagi: YAY!!!
yuki: NO!!!!!!!
naruto: can i come
beth: * went from smileing to frowning * i guess... i g2g bye
all of them: bye!!!
beth kissing naruto.jpg

beth kissing naruto.jpg
narubeth-1668 viewsfinally!!!!!!!!!
naruto: hey-
beth: * grabs his tie and kisses him *
naruto: * kissing her *
beth: naruto: iv loved you for a long time
naruto: me too beth-chan * hugs her then kisses her *
beth: * kissing him * so were GF and BF
naruto: yes
beth remebers her past and knows wat she must do.jpg

beth remebers her past and knows wat she must do.jpg
beth remembers where she came from-516 viewsbeth: * remembering*
suki: beth ya ok
beth: suki youll never belive me but im supposed to be in the mist village now
suki: WAT !! WHY!?
beth: because im the princess ya see i have a birth mark that z thing under my arm and i just remembered my past and everything even my mom...
suki: well beth so when are you going to go
beth: soon very soon tomarrow
suki: well bye little cousin ill miss you my castle is always open * hugs her *
star usagi and yuki: NOOOOO!!!! * clings to beth * dont go!!!
betha nd naruto as kids.jpg

betha nd naruto as kids.jpg
naruto and beth as kids-2056 viewsnaruto: HEY!! WEI!!! I FOUND !! ANEW FRIEND SEE!!!!!
beth: * beths mind: naruto is cute * uhhhh uhhh * blushes *
naruto: huh oh this is wei one of my friends wei this is beth my new friend
beth: hi
wei: hmft * leaves *
beth: * starts to cry * he hates me
naruto: hes always like that dont worry * smiles *
beth: ok
Dojo Uchiha.jpg

Dojo Uchiha.jpg
Dojo Uchiha-428 viewsDOJO!!!
Dojo: yeah wat
Me: i found ya a girlfriend
Dojo: who
Me: HITA!!!
Dojo: ok come on hita
Hita: ok

gaara and tammy little-789 viewstammy i think is starting to like gaara but this is when they were little so
tammy: hi im tammy and you are
gaara: * crying * im gaara
tammy: gaara huh * smiles * your a cutie pie * hears some one call her name * i have to go bye
gaara: * shocked* uh bye * blushes *
happy easter from beth..jpg

happy easter from beth..jpg
Happy Easter yall-745 viewsJust wanna say happy easter
beth: happy easter usagi yuki star dan and suki
all of them except for star ( cause she doesnt know how to talk ): happy easter beth!
star: Baluh bekh
haruka vs kite.jpg

haruka vs kite.jpg
haruka vs kite-844 viewskite: * gets behind haruka * hehe
haruka: * swings leg in the air* TAKE THAT!
kite: UGH!!!!!!1 * bad condition
harukaxkizune going to a festival-.jpg

harukaxkizune going to a festival-.jpg
haruka and kizune-471 viewsi put the mark on harukas face haruka belongs to kita8 comments
harukaxkizune going to a festival.jpg

harukaxkizune going to a festival.jpg
kizune and haruka going to a festival-429 viewsharuka belongs to kita
kizune: ya ready
haruka: yup
i miss her.jpg

i miss her.jpg
naruto thinking of beth-470 viewsnaruto: * thinks of beth* i-i blew it * sighs * shell wont be back for 2 years shell not love me any more
star: ya blew it big time besides shes a princess and your just a teen not hokage
star: then train harder work harder and would it kill ya to study
naruto: no... so iv got to become strong and maybe when shes back ill be hokage * leaves*
star: oh yeah it worked
usagi: nice little sis
star: oh yeah
i miss you....jpg

i miss you....jpg
I miss you-198 viewsgive credit to Kita she made the origanle
Naruto: * goes up to Beth* I miss you.....
Beth: * becomes sad* the truth is.......i do too but i cant go back with you
Naruto: WHY NOT!!
Beth: you hurt me... and i can be with somebody that does that
Naruto: UH!! I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!! * grabs her and kisses her*
Beth: O.O * being kissed- puts arms around him*
Naruto: * kissing her*
im fucking mad.jpg

im fucking mad.jpg
im fucking mad-846 viewsbeth: ( me ) im fucking mad at people who are cutting sakura down

no offences people that hate her plz dont be mad at me
suki: well you cant stop it
beth: i know but im pissed of
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