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kiki and zochi_s eye.JPG

kiki and zochi_s eye.JPG
kiki's and zochi's eue-414 viewsi don't know why i did ths picture,but i guess it's because they heard of kimiko's death...1 comments
darkness worried.JPG

darkness worried.JPG
darkness worried-494 viewsas darkness was still in his mission,he stoped walking and thought that something bad happened...

darkness:(thinking)why do i feel like something bad happened...i hope everything's ok...

hikaru:darkness what's wrong,we have to go....

darkness:it's nothing(weak smile)

jason:u sure...cause we seriously got to go..

darkness:really i'm fine..(thinking)i really hope every1 else is....

hikaru;ok let's go...(runs off)
kiki surprised.JPG

kiki surprised.JPG
kiki surpised-660 viewskiki;i wonder how's kimiko doing,it's being 4 weeks since she's was in the hospital..

zochi:maybe she's just tired how knows..(sees the medical ninja walking their way)huh?

medical ninja;um..excuse me..but are u the girls that brought in kimiko komichi?

kiki:yes,how is she doing?

medical ninja:we are very sorry to tell u 2 this..but...she didn't make it...

zochi;she didn't make what??

medical ninja;she died,last night in her sleep...i'm sorry... not to cry)
kimiko getting healed.JPG

kimiko getting healed.JPG
kimiko in the hospital...-902 viewszochi&kiki:SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!kimiko's hurt...

medical ninja:we'll take care of her right away...(grabs kimiko and puts her in a medical roo

zochi:i hope she gets better..


zochi:what's wrong kiki-chan,she'll be fine the doctor said so..

kiki:will..once she was about to faint..she said..."what is there to hope"....what does she mean by that...

zochi;i guess she meant not worry...cause hopeing is worrying about something...i guess..

kiki:ok,i won't worry,cause she'll be fine
kiki crying for kimiko.JPG

kiki crying for kimiko.JPG
kiki crying to kimiko-482 viewskiki:KIMIKO-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(crys)don't die..plz don't die!!!!

zochi/man:(trys to get out of the jutzu)errr...get out.....stop using contorl,u brat she needs to be must live..not die(gets outs of mind transfer and goes back to her body)

zochi(wakes up,and helps kimiko get up and to the hospital)let's get out of here...

kiki:right..(but throws knifes at the guys head so he can stay dead)


zochi:don't worry kimiko,u'll live...

(gets inside the time portal)
kimiko sad~0.JPG

kimiko sad~0.JPG
kimiko crying...-442 viewskimiko;AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(crys in pain)

kiki:kimiko is losing alot of blood...ZOCHI STOP IT!!!!

zochi/man:i'm not doing it...i mean..DIE KIMIKO DIE!!!

kiki:oh no..he's getting back the contorl...kimiko i'll help u out..

kimiko:Lno ran away(crys)aaahhhhhhhhh...damn....errrr

kiki:no u need help9crys)i don't want u to die..

kimiko:what..what kind of hope is there...(looks stright at kiki,then faints)

kiki:KIMIKO!!!!zochi get out of the body and help
kiki got protected by kimiko.JPG

kiki got protected by kimiko.JPG
kiki got protected by kimiko-580 viewskimiko;come on let's go kiki...we'll wait for u zochi...bring him to a bad place..


kiki:yay we won..sorta...(helps kimiko get up)

zochI(zochi's hand move on her own)what's goiung on?9gets sword and aims it at kiki)whoa!!!what's going on!?!


kiki:what's wrong kimiko...(sees where kimiko is seeing...)ZOCHI WHAT'S WRONG....

zochi/man:AAAHHHHHi won't let u ran away(Othrows knife at kiki but kimiko came in time to save her)


kimiko_s eye.JPG

kimiko_s eye.JPG
kimikos' mad eye-407 viewskimiko:u..u..will die..i'll try my best...9trys to get up,but she keeps falling down)

zochi:(thinking)kimiko can be the distraction...and so now i can use it goes....(does the jutzu and aims at the villan)MIND TRANSFER JUTZU!!!!!!!!!!



man:the hell(falls down then he wakes up as zochi)hiya guys..(smiles)

kiki:huh...what's wrong with him and zochi...

kimiko:she must have used the mind transfer now we have a chance to escape...
kimiko crying in pain.JPG

kimiko crying in pain.JPG
kimiko crying in pain-614 viewskimiko:z-z-zochi,,,k-kiki if..u do not wish to fight,then it's fine by me..(crys in pain)i-i understand that u're scared...

zochi:no,we so want to fight...


man:(punches kimiko)take this(then the sword got out of kimiko's stomch and she fell hard to the ground)


kiki:kimiko-chan(catches kimiko)are u ok...

zochi;wait maybe i should u se the mind transfer,since i have a chance...(does a mind transfer pose)

kimikobleeding to death.JPG

kimikobleeding to death.JPG
kimiko bleeding to death-588 viewsman;don't u dare think u're better then me...(pushes sword forward and kimiko scarems)

kimiko;errrr..i..just because u're bigger..or means nothing..expect that u're scared,and are weak...

man:the hell..i'm not..u're just saying that,just u can use your 2 little friends to kill me..will it won't work...

zochi;oh yea(throws knife at the evil villan but it misses)no!!!

kiki:(trys to punch and kicks him,but he pushres her away to the ground)AAAHHH!!!


kimiko mad-439 viewskimiko:AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man:(evil laugh)i have u now,u brat!!

kimiko:just..because i'm like this...i don...don't care...cause even...i-i-if i die now..i know that..i'll come back to life...a-and kill u...b-but it won't be me...i-in this body..i'll be someone else...

man:then that would be great!!!now i can kill other ppl if i want..

kiki;kimiko-chan!11,hang in there,me and zochi will safe u...

zochi;do u have an idea how/?

kiki:no..but i'm thinking...

kimiko got stab.JPG

kimiko got stab.JPG
kimiko got stab...-745 viewskimiko:(punches and kicks the ninja but he keeps dougheing the attacks...)STAY STILL!!!

man:NO!1! HOW ABOUT U!!!9gets sword out and stabs kimiko)



kimiko;.....(blood spits out) that all u got..s-s-stabing me..

man:wha..u're not scared...

kimiko:why i should i's just blood..plas i don't care if i die..c ause i'll die for a good protect my village,...-m-m-my ppl...from u...

man:>(puts sword foward)ARGHH!!!TAKE THAT U UGLY WITCH!!

kimiko attacking2-4041 viewskimiko:i can talk big,and attrack big watch this!!!(punxhes the ground)

man:the ground is breaking(thinking)...impossible..there's only 2 ppl that i know with that...and that's tusnade and sakura haruno,dicx she by any chances trained with them


kimiko:(heavy breathing)be careful/..cause i'm here...

man:looks like i have to watch out..from someone...that has a big mouth just like her fist...

kimiko:i told ya..(runs to him and starts punching him everywhere...)

kimiko..doing someting...JPG

kimiko..doing someting...JPG
kimiko attacking...-483 viewskimiko:no,don't leave...i will need your heklp..even tho,it doesn't look like it,but u 2 are my secrt wepons...

kiki;girl said what...

zochi:YAY!!!revenge time!!!

man:u may speck touch..but u are very weak when u fight..kimiko..

kimiko:i'm just not ready..that's all.. after i beat u,u're gonna let your dragon do the fighting...that's very smart of u,but i'll just take it out of u,once u use it...

kimiko:hummp!1!whoever said i was useing it...u dumb idiot...

kiki confused.JPG

kiki confused.JPG
kiki scared...-579 viewskiki:she's ver y strong...i wanna be like that..

zochi:will..u need to train alot,and be in alot of fights,to be like her...look at her musles...

kiki:yea...(scared face)

kimiko;(runs to the ninja)where are yourself...

man:(behind kimiko)i'm right here...(punches kimiko)

kimiko:(she trys to doughed it but it was to strong)ahhh

zochi:kimiko look out!!!

man:(looks at kiki and zochi)

kiki:um...i think we should run..i bet that's what kimiko wants...

kimiko:(gets up)no!!!
kimiko about to hit.JPG

kimiko about to hit.JPG
kimiko ready to attack-594 viewskimiko:SANDAO(HELL YA)TAKE THIS(does chakira fist,but misses)the hell...

man;nice try(punches kimiko at the back)

kimiko;(falls down on a tree)damn!!!!!err..i'll kill u...

man:(takes sword out)then come and fight me...

kimiko:(takes knfe out)humm...u really think u're all that..don't u...will..this time i'll let u..attack 1st...

man:u're a sneaky little brat..aren't u(runs to kimiko)

kimiko;(misses the sword then kicks him by the face and falls 1 mile back)take that!!!


omg...-559 viewskimiko:so wait..u're the dude..that killed zochi...and try to take my dragon away from me...

man:that's right...

kimiko:why u...(inner kimiko:)DAMN U MOTHERFREAKING!!!...u're gonna get a pain of a life time...

kiki&zochi:(hugs each other cause they're scared of kimiko) me...

man:ha-ha..u think u can beat me..i can take your demon in a second...

kimiko:i just wasn't paying attion..dumb-ass..i can kill u in a second

man;ok then let's fight(runs to kimiko)

kimiko:that would be great

kimiko upset-489 viewszochi&kiki:(wakes up)wha...where are we??

kimiko:(heavy breathing)u're...u're back to..the real world(smiles weakly)

mitsuki:(thinking)wow..she acutally did it..i'm azamed...

zochi&kiki:KIMIKO-CHAN(hugs her)i knew u would save us...

zochi:but how did u get out of that comma....

kiki:yea how? expolton appears)

man:OH KIMIKO,..i'm back...

kimiko:the hell...

zochi;it's u..what do u want

man:kimiko dead and her demon...

kiki;fat chances...


zoichi leaving spencer-538 viewsi know tsubasa,but will this feeded the moment...

zochi:NO SPENCER!!!!!!!!!!

spencer:zo-zochi!!!...don't...leave..(spits blood out)

zochi;w-what's going on!?!(wings appeated and statred to flow away from spencer but spencer grabed her hand and strted flowing with her...)

spencer;i won't..let u leave...plz don't..

zochi;we can't stop it..the jutzu's to powerful..(crys)i wish i could...

man;what no,i can't let her leave...i got to get in that portal so i can go to real world,and kill kimiko

mozo mad at dark-497 viewsmozo:u're overeating...

dark:just because i'm not nice to your stupid cousin...

mozo:no..and yea that to,but mostly because u're to mean,then u usually are...can't u smile for at least a ppl can see that uy're not evil or a jerk...

dark:but i love being a anyone..and i don't care for what they think,they're assholes...

mozo:u're the asshole,in fact u're the biggest asshole i have ever met....


mozo:u think u're all that,but u're not!!!,u're nothing but a jerk
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