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2 months later.jpg

2 months later.jpg
2 months later-1082 viewsgive credit to kita she made the origanle

they are not in shippuden
Amika: * puts hair in pony tail*
Haruke: so u like your hair in a ponytail
Amika: yesh i wear it like this every day
Naruto: hows my little angels doing
both of them: where doing fine daddy
A new mission.jpg

A new mission.jpg
a new mission-382 viewsNAruto: Amika im assigning u a new mission
Amika: B-But dad remember the last missin
Naruto: yesh i do but this time im sending u with Nara Kenjie and your sisster
Amika: fine
Naruto: Nara Kenjie and Uzumaki Haruke enter
They enter
Naruto: your mission is 2 protect ridge builder kinda like me and y team did when we were your age
All of theM; UNDERSTOOD!!! * they leave*
Naruto: there protecting the same bridge builder that i protected
To be continued
Akio uchiha~0.jpg

Akio uchiha~0.jpg
Akio Uchiha-760 viewsi uploaded her on the wrong one last time so enjoy her2 comments
Akio_s preview shippuden out fit.jpg

Akio_s preview shippuden out fit.jpg
Preview of Akio's shippuden out fit-1229 viewsI JUST LUV IT!!!! for some reason
Amika  having a flash back back.jpg

Amika having a flash back back.jpg
Amika having a flashback of what happened during the fight-862 viewsAmika: * remembers what happend during the fight and has a flash back* i looked like that iv never seen me so angry
Haruke: i was passed out so i didnt know what happened
Naruto: aslong as yall are ok
Sakura: yeah your father is right
Naruske: SISSYS!! i was fraid yall would die
Amka: ): really
Haruke: T-T were ok now Naruske
Naruske: yeah i know and im glade u r ok ^_^
Amika after the fight.jpg

Amika after the fight.jpg
Amika after the fight-996 viewsAmika: all i remember is cutting my hair to escape and thats it
Anbu: ok so were going to get the medical nins. out here so dont worry
Amika: ok
( meds come)
Haruke: * being put on a medic thing*
Amika: * is being put on one 2*
Medical nin.: there both in cridical shape but Uzumaki Haruke is in the worste
Anbu: understood: * they get to the village *
* naruto sakura and naruske is in the rooom with them*
Naruto: my beautiful ful girls how could i let them go on that mission
Sakura: * cries*
Amika almost falling asleep~0.jpg

Amika almost falling asleep~0.jpg
Amika almost falling asleep-649 viewsAmika: haruke wake u-....* falls asleep a little then wakes up * im really tired but the enemy is near i can tell iv got 2 stay aw-........* falls asleep this time*
( its morning now)
Amika: * sun gets in face and wakes up* huh i felll asleep
Enemy: GOOD MORING!! hehe
Amika: HUH!!
To be continued
Amika and Akio.jpg

Amika and Akio.jpg
546 viewsAmika: hey akio whos tha?
Akio: oh thats my twin kunio
Amika: wow..... hes cute
Akio: ya over kenjie and kiba?
Amika: yup OMG hes coming this way* hides behind akio*
Akio: hey kunio
Kunio: hey and whos that shes a little cutie
Amika:* turns red* im A-Amika Uzumaki
Kunio: nice to meet ya
Akio: * giggles* XD
Amika and Haruke blushing.jpg

Amika and Haruke blushing.jpg
Amika and Haruke blushing-592 viewsgive credit to kita she made the origanle
Akio: guess what somebody likes yall
Amika: WHAT!?
Haruke: What do you mean somebosy likes us!?
Akio: all i know is somebody told me to tell u that somebody likes you
Amika and Haruke eating breakfast.jpg

Amika and Haruke eating breakfast.jpg
Amika and Haruke eating breakfast-846 viewsAmika: * stuffs sasuge into mouth* mmmm thats good sasuge
Haruke: * chewing* mmmmm ur right
Amika is the one on the right and Haruke is the one on the left
AMika and Haruke in the hospital.jpg

AMika and Haruke in the hospital.jpg
Amika and Haruke in the Hospital-649 viewsNaruto: its all my fault
Sakura: * crying* naruto no it aint
Naruske: sissys?
both of them: * knocked out * zzzzzzz
Naruto: i shouldnt have let them go on that mission they werent ready
sakura: naruto dont blame your self!
Amika and Haruke on there way to school.jpg

Amika and Haruke on there way to school.jpg
Amika and Haruke going to school-527 viewsAmika: HURRY HARUKE WERE LATE!!!!!!!
Haruke: I KNOW!!! AH!!!
AMIKA: seeS kiba ( she is not over kiba yet) * KIBA-KUN!!!!! hi
kiba: arent u 2 late for school
amika: oh yeah come on haruke
Amika and Haruke sad.jpg

Amika and Haruke sad.jpg
Amika and Haruke sad-871 viewsgive credit to kita she did the origanle
Amika: * cuddleing teddy bear and crying*
Haruke: * cuddling the teddy bear and crying 2* its not fair
Amika: i know right how come Kenjie has to be so popular
Haruke: yeah it aint fair * crys some more*
Amika: * crys 2*
Amika and Haruke.jpg

Amika and Haruke.jpg
Amika and Haruke-716 viewsHaruke: i love the bunny daddy gave us
Amika: me 2
Sakura: AMIKA HARUKE!!!!!
both of them: MAM!!!!
amika: run for it * runs *
Haruke: * runs 2*
Amika and her team.jpg

Amika and her team.jpg
Amika and her team-549 viewsthere in their summer outfits
The person there guarding: whats yall names?
Amika: * smiles* well im Amika Uzumaki
Keno: * smiles 2 * im Keno Inuzuka but you can call me Ken
Kenjie: and im Kenjie Nara
kakno: ( kakshi and Anko's son ) AND IM Kakno hatake
Amika and Keno.jpg

Amika and Keno.jpg
600 views5 comments
Amika and Kisuke.jpg

Amika and Kisuke.jpg
Amika and Kisuke-1283 viewsKisuke doesnt belong to me he belongs to emily
Amika: Haruke what r u doin
Haruke: im swinging on a branch
Kisuke: why?
Haruke: cause i want 2
Amika: your weird
Haruke: thxs X3
Amika and the old hokage.jpg

Amika and the old hokage.jpg
Amika and the old hokage-594 views
Amika as a kid .jpg

Amika as a kid .jpg
Amika as a little kid-806 viewsAmika: Akio why doesnt any like me
Akio: what do u mean
Amika: like bf and gf
Akio: oh. well idk
Amika: oh... idk wat to do
Akio: well just be your self and somebody will come along and like ya
Amika: thxs akio
amika being cared by  keijie after there mission.jpg

amika being cared by keijie after there mission.jpg
Amika being cared by Kenj-656 views3 comments
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