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kiki and kozoru.JPG

kiki and kozoru.JPG
kiki and kozoru-579 viewsthe uchiha twins ^w^2 comments
kiki and zochi_s eye.JPG

kiki and zochi_s eye.JPG
kiki's and zochi's eue-414 viewsi don't know why i did ths picture,but i guess it's because they heard of kimiko's death...1 comments
kiki andhikari.JPG

kiki andhikari.JPG
hikari and kiki-798 viewsthis was when hikari was 10 and kiki was 6 years old hikari is just telling kiki to be careful cause war was comeing and if they get lose and may never see each other again then go somewhere where they both know
kiki blushes.JPG

kiki blushes.JPG
kiki blushing-595 views1 comments
kiki confused.JPG

kiki confused.JPG
kiki scared...-579 viewskiki:she's ver y strong...i wanna be like that..

zochi:will..u need to train alot,and be in alot of fights,to be like her...look at her musles...

kiki:yea...(scared face)

kimiko;(runs to the ninja)where are yourself...

man:(behind kimiko)i'm right here...(punches kimiko)

kimiko:(she trys to doughed it but it was to strong)ahhh

zochi:kimiko look out!!!

man:(looks at kiki and zochi)

kiki:um...i think we should run..i bet that's what kimiko wants...

kimiko:(gets up)no!!!
kiki crying for kimiko.JPG

kiki crying for kimiko.JPG
kiki crying to kimiko-482 viewskiki:KIMIKO-CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(crys)don't die..plz don't die!!!!

zochi/man:(trys to get out of the jutzu)errr...get out.....stop using contorl,u brat she needs to be must live..not die(gets outs of mind transfer and goes back to her body)

zochi(wakes up,and helps kimiko get up and to the hospital)let's get out of here...

kiki:right..(but throws knifes at the guys head so he can stay dead)


zochi:don't worry kimiko,u'll live...

(gets inside the time portal)
kiki got protected by kimiko.JPG

kiki got protected by kimiko.JPG
kiki got protected by kimiko-580 viewskimiko;come on let's go kiki...we'll wait for u zochi...bring him to a bad place..


kiki:yay we won..sorta...(helps kimiko get up)

zochI(zochi's hand move on her own)what's goiung on?9gets sword and aims it at kiki)whoa!!!what's going on!?!


kiki:what's wrong kimiko...(sees where kimiko is seeing...)ZOCHI WHAT'S WRONG....

zochi/man:AAAHHHHHi won't let u ran away(Othrows knife at kiki but kimiko came in time to save her)


kiki happy yet blushes.JPG

kiki happy yet blushes.JPG
kiki and izaru-358 viewskiki;here's someplace nice to hang out at...

izaru;wow...i never saw this buliding before...

kiki;me neither..let's check inside...


kikil;hey look...who's that..

izaru;stay back...

man;will,will,will a little girl and some boy...hey little boy can i have the girl i'll give u 50 bucks for her...

izaru;no way,u sticking hobo...

kiki;wow...u really do care...and yet i can't belive mozo loves hobos...

man;ok then...700 bucks...

izaru; leave us alone...
kiki is saving lifes.JPG

kiki is saving lifes.JPG
kiki saving lifes-740 viewskiki:so izaru,what are we gonna do???i'm really scared...

izaru:don't worry everything is going to be ok..

kiki:i hope so...(looks behind the bush and sees sakura fighting the sound ninjas)

izaru:hey kiki that girl looks like u...expect she has a red shirt with an circle in it and has green eyes...

kiki:she's my mother!!!and she's in trouble...

izaru:what!?!...but how...

kiki:idk,but i know that we should do something,look izaru,stop thinking that u're useless..u're something,so

kiki sad-811 viewskiki is telling kimiko about her last day of life and that the akatsuki killed her

kimiko:so how did u ended up here

kiki:i was killed by the akatsuki...they took my demon...i wasn't strong enough to beat them...

kimiko:it's ok,i wasn't strong enough to fight that stupid ninja...

kiki:yea will i guess u're right..,
kiki surprised.JPG

kiki surprised.JPG
kiki surpised-660 viewskiki;i wonder how's kimiko doing,it's being 4 weeks since she's was in the hospital..

zochi:maybe she's just tired how knows..(sees the medical ninja walking their way)huh?

medical ninja;um..excuse me..but are u the girls that brought in kimiko komichi?

kiki:yes,how is she doing?

medical ninja:we are very sorry to tell u 2 this..but...she didn't make it...

zochi;she didn't make what??

medical ninja;she died,last night in her sleep...i'm sorry... not to cry)

kiki thinking-789 viewskiki:huh...what happed we're back to our real color....

izaru:looks like we reach another world...

kiki;but i thought the worlds were aprt and your soul had to choose that world which u go since u have no body...or died..

izaru;that's true..but this..doesn't show here at the map..

kiki:maybe we should go back...

izaru:no wait(grabs kiki)maybe we can find earth if we keep going and maybe find our bodys...

kiki:but we're gonna need our demons to get back in them

izaru:maybe we'll findthem

kiki all beat up-750 viewskiki:izaru,u are something to me,in face u are something to plz help me,help them,for once..(crys)try making something of yourself...plz...

izaru:ok..but only for them,i really do want to make myself stronger...

kiki:thank u...

sound ninjas:will...who are u

sound ninja#2:i can tell just by looking to this 2 girls,this red shirt is the mother,and purple shirt is the dauther...but what about the boy..

kiki:u leave him alone...

izaru:no!!!let me fight...for u kiki...

kiki and izaru-526 viewskiki:(thinking) can't end like trying everything he can possibly do...just to save us...but(crys)i'm just watching the whole fight like i always do...

izaru:kiki..come on..use an attack to get out of there...and help plz..

kiki:huh...(stops crying)u're right..but what can i do...

sond#2:how about sit down and shut-the-hell up...

kiki;ahh!!!,no..i don't want to...if i want to become stronger like kimiko....then i have to fight...

sound ninja#2:the hell???

kki hugging izaru-646 viewskiki:u are so kind...i wish there were more guys like u..(hugs him)

izaru:and i wish that there would be more girls like u... u have a family...

izaru:i used to..the hirko clan...every1 was killed...that night..because of a powerful hutzu,they tryed to learn...from the evil..

kiki:why would they do that...

izaru:the hirko clan is no good clan like the others..ppl there aren't nice and...

kiki:but u are..and i bet other ppl in that clan are nice as well...

izaru:not true

kiki surprised-569 viewskiki:NO IZARU!!!(crys)

izaru:(gets hit and alot of blood comes out)

kiki:damn u sound ninjas(does a shadow clone jutzu to get out)ok that's it,i'm finishing this battle...(gets izaru and does another shadow clone jutzu,so the real them can get of there in time)

izaru:(wakes up)what...what happend..

kiki;nothing but are u ok..

izaru:i think so...

kiki:i hope so,i'm really sorry for what haoppend to u...

izaru:it's ok don't cry...

kiki;what,but why u almost got killed...

kiki_s problem.JPG

kiki_s problem.JPG
kiki's problem part2-661 viewskiki:wait a minute what does she mean by saving his girl...i mean friend fast enough...

izaru:kiki run!!!


sound ninja#2:got ya(grabs her by the hiar)



soundnin#1&3:no izaru,u will have to fight us!!!


kiki:izaru save u'reself...don't worry about me..

izaru:but...(thinking)izaru,stop thinking that u're usless,make sometjing of u'reself...and this time save someone that's important to u,and win..



kiki looking at her family photo-2366 viewskiki and kimiko found kiki's house and so kiki found an old family photo of her and kozoru,sasuke and sakura...then she was sad,but kimiko made her feel better because kimiko misses her parents to

kiki;it's my mom,and my dad...i'll never see then i..

kimiko;u are..cause once i'm out of this coma i'll find u're body and demon..then u're soul will go back to u're body..i promise u that...


kimiko;don't worry i know how u feel..but my parents died

kiki's promblem part1-456 viewskiki:just relax...everything is going to be ok...

izaru:right...(gets knifes out)get a taste of this u losers...

sound ninjs#1:(missed the knifes)have u even notice that we can be everywhere at it's gonna be a little to hard for u to attack us...

izaru:aargh!!!...(gets expoltions out)how about this!!!(throws the exploton knifes at them)

sound#2:silly little fool,nice try,but are u good enouh to save your girlfriend in time...


kimiko about to hit.JPG

kimiko about to hit.JPG
kimiko ready to attack-594 viewskimiko:SANDAO(HELL YA)TAKE THIS(does chakira fist,but misses)the hell...

man;nice try(punches kimiko at the back)

kimiko;(falls down on a tree)damn!!!!!err..i'll kill u...

man:(takes sword out)then come and fight me...

kimiko:(takes knfe out)humm...u really think u're all that..don't u...will..this time i'll let u..attack 1st...

man:u're a sneaky little brat..aren't u(runs to kimiko)

kimiko;(misses the sword then kicks him by the face and falls 1 mile back)take that!!!

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