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.hack//sign-1320 viewsChi @[email protected]

.hack//sign-1613 viewsChi! >.!

Haku-2408 views
Hand drawn Tachi!.JPG

Hand drawn Tachi!.JPG
Uchiha Itachi!-1775 viewsHello anime galleries! I is not dead! Just having too much fun on the otaku! Best thing is I have the same user name there as I do here! YAAAH!!! so anyway, this is a picture of Itachi thats I drews. 1 comments
Happy birthday Sasuke kun! Love, a sexy sakura.JPG

Happy birthday Sasuke kun! Love, a sexy sakura.JPG
A gift of dove (love)-34753 viewsTrust me, this will be a birthday sasuke will NEVER forget.21 comments
Haru Haru Haruka Kana Kana Kanata.JPG

Haru Haru Haruka Kana Kana Kanata.JPG
Haruka in swimsuit 1-10900 viewsThis was really a pic of Hinata I found.....I did not change much more then the face and hair pieces, but thats really all I had to do. This was a lazy edit. (I found this on Photo bucket) (Oh, and thanks to the origanal artist)
Haru logo!.JPG

Haru logo!.JPG
The all mighty Haru logo!!!! (haruka Kanata's)-3053 viewsWOOT!3 comments
Haruka and Akutsuki.jpg

Haruka and Akutsuki.jpg
Akatsukis' day off (for no reason)-11528 viewsKnowing today was the Akatsukis' day off, Haruka made a whole bunch of toast and put it all into a basket. She wanted to do something for em' because she had been such a bother. Haruka:"Hi guys!! I brought 'chu all some toast!" Sasori: "I'm allergic to toast." Kisame, Deidara, Itachi and Haruka:(Blink) Deidara:"Arn't you a puppet?" Sasori:' Yeah, but that dosn't mean that I can't have allergies!" Kisame:"Yeah It kinda' dose..." Sasori:"well....I....screw you guys! Your Puppetist! All of you!!" 6 comments
Haruka and Itachi 2.JPG

Haruka and Itachi 2.JPG
I was bord...-4578 viewsREALLY BORD......
Haruka and Itachi comic.JPG

Haruka and Itachi comic.JPG
Itachi and Haruka!-5511 viewsItachi finally tells Haruka what he wanted to tell her for a LONG time....

(I found the pic's while looking for Kisami XD Anyway, it said if you use them, to give the original poster credit, so....Here's your credit. It's not much cuse' I forgot your names.... SORRY!!!!! I suck with remembering names!!!!!! Snivel!)
Haruka and Itachi super glue 2.JPG

Haruka and Itachi super glue 2.JPG
Haruka the super glue ninja!-3460 viewsHaruka: "YAY, ITACHI KUN!!" (Tackles)
Itachi: "Haruka, get off..."
Haruka: "I...Ahe, I can't"
Itachi: "What?"
Haruka: "I super glued myself to you!"
Itachi: “WHAT?!”
Kisame: “Hey Itachi, I have your coat….Why is Haruka on your back?”
Itachi: “Don’t ask…”
haruka and naruto 2.JPG

haruka and naruto 2.JPG
Random Haruka and Naruto-3767 views
haruka and Naruto.JPG

haruka and Naruto.JPG
Haruka in Konoha! 3-2662 viewsHaruka:"THIS RAMEN BROUGHT ME THE WRONG ASS!!!"
Naruto:"Not again! This time, I did'nt do anything!!!!!!!"
Haruka and Yoshimi comic.JPG

Haruka and Yoshimi comic.JPG
Stuff-4648 viewsI got this from Azu manga Daioh and edited its. 1 comments
haruka being haruka~0.jpg

haruka being haruka~0.jpg
Another Haruka moment-3773 views*Akatsuki HQ*
Pein:"I'll go after the 9 tailed fox now, and..."
Haruka:"I know What your thinking..."
Pein: *jumps in surprise* "What? How did she get in here?!"
Haruka:"Come near my man again, And i'll hit you with this sack of potatos!!!!"
Deidara:"MY LUNCH!!!!!!!"
Haruka chan.JPG

Haruka chan.JPG
Challenge!!-1620 viewsHaruka gets a challenge letter from an old rival in a village that she stayed in seven years ago. This rival is incredibly strong. Clearly he still holds a grudge for what happened a long time ago. Knowing if she goes, there is a high chance that she will not return.
Haruka edit 10.JPG

Haruka edit 10.JPG
Haruka hits Sai-4299 viewsHaruka:"STOP HITTING ON ME!!!!!!!!!"
Sai was pretty sure he never said a thing.....
To be continued
haruka edit 11~0.JPG

haruka edit 11~0.JPG
Meet up-4028 viewsSai: “So you found where Sasuke is? That means we can meet up again? THANK GOD!”
Yamato stares at the communicator.

A while later they all meet up.
Naruto: “Ok, Sasuke should be in this building…”
Haruka: “He’s not coming back……”
Naruto: “HOW DO YOU KNOW!?”
Haruka: “I used my ability to read ahead….”
Naruto: “HOW….WHAT?”
Sai: “Lets just go in there and get out, the sooner,” (looks at Haruka) “The better…”
Naruto, giving Haruka a dirty look said: “ Lets go…”

They entered the building on their search for delicious. But will they ever find out how to cure the Wear wolf’s curse!?

To be continued
Haruka edit 12.JPG

Haruka edit 12.JPG
The end-16829 viewsSasuke: “Hello, Naruto.”
Our heroes had reached the end of the tunnel. There waiting for them was…
Naruto: “Sa….Sasuke…”
Sasuke jumped down and landed in front of Naruto.
Sasuke: “ I have been waiting foe you Naruto…My best friend…”
Naruto: “Why…Sasuke…Why did you leave Konoha?”
Sasuke grinned. “I left for -”
There was a silence as everyone turned to face Haruka.
Haruka: “Sorry, sorry, just continue with what chu was doing…”
Sasuke: “Uh….”
Haruka : “You were answering why you left Konoha…”
Sasuke: “Yes….I left Konoha for-”
Haruka: “No…No…just continue with what chu was doing…”
Sasuke: “I LEFT KONOHA” (looks at Haruka who stood there quietly)”FOR-”
Sasuke: ”ILEFTKONOHAFORPOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Naruto’s ears were blown out. “What did you say?”
Haruka: “yeah Sasuke, why you shouting? I mean, your right in poor Naruto’s ear for wolf’s sakes…”
Sasuke sighed : “Look. When you come to find me again, leave HER behind!!!!!”
Sasuke bamphed away.
Naruto glared at Haruka.
Haruka: “What? I told chu he wasn’t coming back…”
haruka edit 3.JPG

haruka edit 3.JPG
Haruka, Sai and Naruto-16754 viewsNaruto and Sai wait for Sakura to show up. After it has been about 3 hours, Naruto starts to worry.
Naruto: *Paces* "Where is she?!"
Sai continued to sketch.
Naruto:"I mean, No one but Kakashi sensei takes this long!"
Haruka(out of no where):"Invisible wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Naruto and sai blink
Haruka stands there dressed as Sakura (sorta) Holding her hands up. She wore a determined expression.
There was a long pause.
Haruka turned her head to face Naruto.
Haruka: “Wat’cha doing in Konoha, Itachi?”
Naruto blinked
Naruto: “I…Im not…..”
Haruka: “I thought Chu was’sa criminal….”
She turned to sai
Haruka: “And you!! Where WERE you last night!?” she sounded angry
Sai: “what? Who are you?”
Naruto rubs his temples: “this……Is Haruka…….”
Haruka: “I swear!!!! I Stay up half the night making you dinner and you don’t even come home!!!!!!!!” (She started to cry) “And then you tell everyone that were ‘just friends’!!!!!”
Sai blinked
Haruka: “And how could you stand up Stacey last Saturday!!!!! When I see you again I’ll kill you!!!!!!!!!!! CLICK!!!!!!!! Beep beep beep…..”
Sai and Naruto were confused, although Naruto was used to this by now….
Haruka turned back to Naruto. :”Oh, and Sakura’s dead……Or maybe inna closet somewhere……Anyways she tolds me to take ’er place…….(Looks at Sai) Heddo, My names Haruka, and you are…..”
Sai: “…………………..S..Sai…”
To be continued
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