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Wobbuffet people.JPG

Wobbuffet people.JPG
Wobbuffet people!-3571 viewsI'm looking through pictures of pokemon when I saw the first wobbuffet in the icture above. And, I thought, She needs a purse. I gave her a purse, the a dress, then a hat, and then, before I knew it, I had like a whole buncha Wobbuffet people! 1 comments
Sasuke getting ready.JPG

Sasuke getting ready.JPG
Uchiha Sasuke-1898 views1 comments
Hand drawn Tachi!.JPG

Hand drawn Tachi!.JPG
Uchiha Itachi!-1775 viewsHello anime galleries! I is not dead! Just having too much fun on the otaku! Best thing is I have the same user name there as I do here! YAAAH!!! so anyway, this is a picture of Itachi thats I drews. 1 comments

Uchiha Itachi-1698 views1 comments

Uchiha Itachi-2234 views1 comments

Uchiha Itachi-4220 views1 comments

Tsunade's speach! (to konoha.....)-3028 viewsTsunade:"Ok, we all know of the danger that we're in. The Akatuski must be brought down! So, I think we need to......I'm sorry......*Turns to Haruka* Will you stop it! This is important!"
Haruka:*stops poking Tsunade with a sharpened stick* " ...............Wha?"
Tsunade:"Anyway, We need to find out wh.........What are you doing now!?"
Haruka:*Puts away marker* "Nothin'......"
Tsunade: “Good. Sorry for all the interruptions, we’ll continue the meeting now. *Under breath* Where was I?”
Haruka: “The part where you stopped being boring…..”
Tsunade: *Sharp glare* “OK! THAT’S IT! SHUTUP AND SIT DOWN BEFORE I MAKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!”
Haruka: “ Ok! = ^.^=” *Sits down*
Tsunade: *takes a couple looks at Haruka to make sure that she is sitting* “Right! The Akatuski! We must find out more! Like, their hideouts, their plans! Stuff like that! And what the hell’s so funny?”
Random nin: “snigger”
Tsunade: “WHAT!?” *Turns to Haruka* “If your doing something……!”
Haruka: *Making faces and talking with the hokage*
Tsunade: “…………Ok……….Fine…..” *Hits Haruka and sends her backward* “GET OUT OF MY VILLAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Haruka: *sniff* “Ok, Fine! I didn’t want to be in your village anyway!” *Runs out of gate*
Tsunade: “Naruto! Why on gods earth did you bring that woman here!?”
Naruto: “well, madam hokage, It was because she knows where the Akatuski are located……”
Tsunade: *Dead glare* “What?”
Naruto: “Its true……..”
Tsunade: “Sigh…………..BRING HER BACK HERE AT ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
To be continued……….
Harvest moon 6.JPG

Harvest moon 6.JPG
This is...............Uh............I forgot his name......-1019 viewsWe made him Neji and i called him Hyuga so much I forgot his name.....1 comments
....Maybe if i lay here.....JPG

....Maybe if i lay here.....JPG
The sharingan spar!!!-4374 viewsIn a sparing match between Haruka and Kakashi, the two knock each other down.
Haruka:(under breath)"outta' breath...."
Kakashi starts to stand up
Haruka:(under breath) "Maybe if I lay here, he'll think i'm dead...."
He begins to walk over to Haruka
Haruka:*sweats* (Yet again, under breath) Or....maybe I could make myself look bigger....."
Kakashi:"That only works with bears!"
Haruka: “well……Are you a bear?”
Kakashi: “Last time I checked, no.”
Haruka: “………” (begins to cry)
Kakashi: (kicks)
Haruka rolls several feet
Haruka: “ow…..”
Deidara And Saki.JPG

Deidara And Saki.JPG
The Real Saki and Deidara!-1661 viewsOk, This time, its real....I'm sorry that he looks a little sunburn, but hey. You can see where I needed to fix a lot, and I have trouble drawing two people standing next to each other, but it didn't turn out bad....2 comments
Dead haruka.jpg

Dead haruka.jpg
The end-2981 viewsShinamu: “You! Why would….”
Haruka smiled faintly.
Haruka: “……………..”
Shinamu: “ANSWER ME! Why would you fight me without really trying!! Do you take me lightly?! Do you think I’m weak!!??”
Haruka: “…………no………..”
He grabbed her by the collar of her jacket.
Shinamu: “Then WHY!?”
Haruka slowly opened her eyes. Staring blankly into Shinamu’s angry face, she smiled faintly once again.
Haruka: ‘What I did back then……It was terrible….. Now comes the time to face up to the past….”
Shinamu: “Face up to the past, By laying down and dieing!!!!! You might think your doing a good thing, but your not!!!!”
Haruka: “Not at all. I refuse to die….. There were many times that I could’ a healed myself, but I did no such……..thing……”
Shinamu: ‘You make no sense!”
Haruka: “ I…..I’m the reason ……for everything that happened to you seven years ago…”
Her eyes held much regret., but Shinamu said nothing.
Haruka: “I’m sorry…..Shinamu….”
He let go of her collar.
Shinamu: “pathetic.”
As he walked away, he turned to look at Haruka be for he left but she was unconscious. A slight smile crossed his face.
Shinamu: “Foolish girl, keep doing things like this, and you’ll die.”
And he left. ……………………………….....End
Haruka edit 12.JPG

Haruka edit 12.JPG
The end-16829 viewsSasuke: “Hello, Naruto.”
Our heroes had reached the end of the tunnel. There waiting for them was…
Naruto: “Sa….Sasuke…”
Sasuke jumped down and landed in front of Naruto.
Sasuke: “ I have been waiting foe you Naruto…My best friend…”
Naruto: “Why…Sasuke…Why did you leave Konoha?”
Sasuke grinned. “I left for -”
There was a silence as everyone turned to face Haruka.
Haruka: “Sorry, sorry, just continue with what chu was doing…”
Sasuke: “Uh….”
Haruka : “You were answering why you left Konoha…”
Sasuke: “Yes….I left Konoha for-”
Haruka: “No…No…just continue with what chu was doing…”
Sasuke: “I LEFT KONOHA” (looks at Haruka who stood there quietly)”FOR-”
Sasuke: ”ILEFTKONOHAFORPOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Naruto’s ears were blown out. “What did you say?”
Haruka: “yeah Sasuke, why you shouting? I mean, your right in poor Naruto’s ear for wolf’s sakes…”
Sasuke sighed : “Look. When you come to find me again, leave HER behind!!!!!”
Sasuke bamphed away.
Naruto glared at Haruka.
Haruka: “What? I told chu he wasn’t coming back…”
Haru logo!.JPG

Haru logo!.JPG
The all mighty Haru logo!!!! (haruka Kanata's)-3053 viewsWOOT!3 comments

Tenten-3602 viewsTenten:"DINAMIC ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!" (i don't care if I spelled it right.)3 comments
Haruka edit 8~0.JPG

Haruka edit 8~0.JPG
Team seperate-3032 viewsYamato: “Ok, Sasuke should be in this area, so we will split in to two teams. Naruto, Your with me and Haruka your with Sai.”
Haruka: “Ok!!!!!!! Common Sai, lets go’s!!!!!”

To be continued
Stalkin_ Itachi~0.jpg

Stalkin_ Itachi~0.jpg
Tales from the mind of Haruka! (Haruka's bad sense of direction)-3240 viewsHaruka hides in the bushes and waits for the perfect opportunity to tell Itachi something important. Peeking out, she sees that she is behind the two Akatsuki members. Before she could jump from the bush and tell Itachi what had happened, he turned around and slowly reached for his hat. She was about to stand when she noticed the man was eye levle with her. "Haruka, yeah?" Haruka stoped, then ripped the hat off his head. "DE...DEIDARA!!" she yelled. 4 comments
Suigetsu and his tale o cats.JPG

Suigetsu and his tale o cats.JPG
Suigetsu and his tale~O~cats!-5533 views

Suigetsu-8599 viewsIn our mess up version, Suigetsu is a moron...occasionally popping out of no where saying things like "I'm made out of water". Suigetsu translates for Jugo, who cant talk...He loves cats but pets them too hard witch make the cats and Yoshimi mad...1 comments
Haruka and Yoshimi comic.JPG

Haruka and Yoshimi comic.JPG
Stuff-4648 viewsI got this from Azu manga Daioh and edited its. 1 comments
Haruka edit 6.JPG

Haruka edit 6.JPG
Stop for the night.-4941 viewsHaruka: “Ok, Lets tell our most secret stories!!! You first Yamato!”
Yamato: “…Uh…No…no, I’ll pass”
Haruka: “………Wow, I will NEVER look at you the same way again.”
Yamato stared and went back to staring at his hands.
Haruka: “Ok Itachi, Your turn.”
No one answered. Haruka jammed Naruto in the ribs and he let out a yelp.
Naruto: “Well, I ‘m not Itachi…..”
Haruka blinked. : “Why do you refuse to share things with me Itachi kun?”
Naruto Gave her an awkward stare, but she pretended not to notice.
Haruka: “Now it’s your turn Sai!”
Sai went to speak but Haruka interrupted him.
Haruka: “Stop checking me out!”
Sai: “what? I wouldn’t check out such an ugly girl!”
There was an eerie pause as Haruka stared blankly at Sai.
Naruto backed away from Haruka, Sai tried to read her expression, but found it difficult.
Haruka hugged Sai : “I’m sorry I missed your prom, betty…..”
Naruto Sai and Yamato: “!!??”
Sai mouthed ‘Help me’ To Naruto as Haruka’s grip tightened. Naruto shook his head. Yamato sighed.

Morning came and our heroes continued on their mission to find Sasuke.
To be continued
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