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haruka edit 4.JPG

haruka edit 4.JPG
Haruka and Sai and Yamato-8513 viewsNaruto asked Sai why he fake smiled alot. (Read subs) Anyways………..
Haruka: “So, we are doing………What?”
Naruto: “We’re going to find Sasuke.”
Haruka: “And….”
Naruto: “….and bring him back…”
Haruka: “and act like nothing happened? (Original line by Fiori party)”
Naruto glared at Haruka as Sai snickered.

They left to find Sasuke…..To be continued……
Haruka edit 5.JPG

Haruka edit 5.JPG
Naruto ending with Haruka....-4972 views
Haruka edit 6.JPG

Haruka edit 6.JPG
Stop for the night.-4941 viewsHaruka: “Ok, Lets tell our most secret stories!!! You first Yamato!”
Yamato: “…Uh…No…no, I’ll pass”
Haruka: “………Wow, I will NEVER look at you the same way again.”
Yamato stared and went back to staring at his hands.
Haruka: “Ok Itachi, Your turn.”
No one answered. Haruka jammed Naruto in the ribs and he let out a yelp.
Naruto: “Well, I ‘m not Itachi…..”
Haruka blinked. : “Why do you refuse to share things with me Itachi kun?”
Naruto Gave her an awkward stare, but she pretended not to notice.
Haruka: “Now it’s your turn Sai!”
Sai went to speak but Haruka interrupted him.
Haruka: “Stop checking me out!”
Sai: “what? I wouldn’t check out such an ugly girl!”
There was an eerie pause as Haruka stared blankly at Sai.
Naruto backed away from Haruka, Sai tried to read her expression, but found it difficult.
Haruka hugged Sai : “I’m sorry I missed your prom, betty…..”
Naruto Sai and Yamato: “!!??”
Sai mouthed ‘Help me’ To Naruto as Haruka’s grip tightened. Naruto shook his head. Yamato sighed.

Morning came and our heroes continued on their mission to find Sasuke.
To be continued
Haruka edit 7.JPG

Haruka edit 7.JPG
Naruto falls in the water-3997 viewsHaruka: “OMG! ITS SASUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Naruto: “Where, Sasuke!”
Haruka shoves Naruto in the water.
Haruka; “Hehehehehe…..Dumb Ass….”
Sai stared at Haruka and began to say something when he was cut off.
Haruka: “Sai, I hope what you’re about to say won’t get you shoved in the water accidentally….”
Sai was taken aback.
Sai : “Did….did your voice change…to something more…..serious?”
Haruka turned to face him: “Hu-Wha?”
Sai: “Never mind…”
Yamato: “Remember the mission?”

To be continued
Haruka edit 8~0.JPG

Haruka edit 8~0.JPG
Team seperate-3032 viewsYamato: “Ok, Sasuke should be in this area, so we will split in to two teams. Naruto, Your with me and Haruka your with Sai.”
Haruka: “Ok!!!!!!! Common Sai, lets go’s!!!!!”

To be continued
Haruka edit 9.JPG

Haruka edit 9.JPG
Sai and Haruka lookin's for Sasuke!-4365 viewsHaruka: “He’s not in that bush!!!!! He’s not in that cave!!!! He’s not in that Yak!!!!!! He’s not in-”
Sai: “Look, could you try and take this seriously?”
Haruka gave him a look like she suddenly forgot how to understand human speech.
Sai sighed.
Haruka: “Hey!!! Where are we?”
Sai looked at the sign next to Haruka. “I don’t know…” He said.
They walked farther when Haruka stopped and pointed to a mountain wall.
Haruka: “OH!….Oh my god….”
Sai: “What?”
Haruka: “It’s my hole!!!! IT WAS MADE FOR ME!!!!!”
Sai was confused and decided to leave her there, he could go faster without her. But she caught up.

To be continued
Haruka Himiko Kokoro and Misato.JPG

Haruka Himiko Kokoro and Misato.JPG
Haruka Kanata, Saguri Misato, Reikoku kokoro and Awaresa Himiko-5090 viewskokoro an' I edited this...(with the help of Yoshimi of course....) Misato is kokoro's charater and Himiko is mine. (i'll get a pic of Himiko up when i do) Yoshimi helped me with Himiko's outfit. =^~*=4 comments
Haruka in mid perall.jpg

Haruka in mid perall.jpg
Haruka's first Akatsuki mission!!!!-13777 viewsPain: “Your not joining us.”
Haruka: “Why not?”
Pain: “Your annoying!”
Haruka: “…………..I might be, but I also know where my sensei sealed away a demon snake god. And I know how to unseal it………..”
Pain: “…Really…”
Haruka: “Really…”
Pain: “…I’m not sure. You could be lying…”
Haruka: “If I was lying, would I light Zetsu on fire?”
Pain: “What? What dose that have to do with anything?”
Haruka: “In due time my friend, in due time…So, am I in?”
Pain: “Fine. But you must unleash that demon god first. Here’s your coat.”
(In front of the Demon’s alter)
Haruka: “……Now that I’m here, this seems like a bad idea……” *Releases demon’s seal*
The demon god lets out a howl that shakes the entire temple and knocks Haruka to the ground.
Haruka: “And now it doesn’t!”
Demon god: “Did you set me free woman?”
Haruka: *Gets up* “Yup!”
Demon god: “Thank you mortal, You must have some power to have broken the seal. as a show of gratitude, I shall eat you to improve my power.”
Haruka: “Well, that’s mighty nice of y…WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!”
The demon snake god lunges at Haruka, who runs. The Demon god gives chase.
Haruka: “There’s no way I can fight a demon god!!!”
(In Konoha)
Asuma: “I have the day off today Kurenai.”
Kurenai: “That’s good, so do I”
Asuma: “So, Kurenai, do you……………do you hear that screaming?”
Kurenai: “Now that you mention it…”
Haruka: “AHHH OMG AHHHHHHHHHHFOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” *trips*
Asuma and Kurenai help Haruka to her feet.
Kurenai: “What’s wrong?”
Haruka: “No…nothing…Hahahahaha There certainly NOT a giant demon snake god behind me…..hahaha…”
Haruka: “I….I don’t know…..” *Sweats*
Yoshimi: “I saw the demon god and came to seal it away AGAIN. Haruka, did you release that?”
Haruka: *Guilty look* “Yes…”
Yoshimi: “Oi…”*seal’s demon away”
To be continued
haruka in trouble.jpg

haruka in trouble.jpg
Haruka in trouble-2389 viewsShinamu: “You put up a better fight then I thought you would…”
Haruka: “………………..”
Shinamu: “But I still got the better of you!”
He glared at her for a moment, as if just now realizing something. He threw her against a tree.
Shinamu: “You. Why would…..”
…………To be continued
Haruka Kanata 3.jpg

Haruka Kanata 3.jpg
Me (again)-4377 viewsAfter long thought, I decided not to put a real pic of myself up for the simple fact that, I don't trust people. I would get stolen and that would not be good. So i'm gonna' use Sakura. Just gettin' that out there.16 comments
Haruka Kanata 5.JPG

Haruka Kanata 5.JPG
Haruka Kanata-2864 viewsI didn't edit this pic. I have changed Haruka's hair and eyes a little bit since i drew this, but whatever. Please don't steal.....3 comments
Haruka meets the challenge!.JPG

Haruka meets the challenge!.JPG
Haruka meets the challenge!-1379 viewsHaruka: “I’m here…”
???: “I knew you’d come Haruka. You do remember what happened seven years ago?”
Haruka: “Yeah…..I do, Shinamu!”
Shinamu: “Good, so I don’t need to explain why I want you dead!!!!!!”
Shinamu charges at Haruka, who doges and throws a kunai at his back.
Shinamu:“I see you’ve grow a little…”
Haruka grinned, but that faded as Shinamu moved behind her with incredible speed. He kicked her in the back and sent her flying across the forest. She slammed into a tree and slid down it.
Hours pass and Haruka manages to land a few more blows, but received some in return.
…………..To be continued
haruka pipe.JPG

haruka pipe.JPG
Haruka Random-2706 viewsI was just experimenting with Photo impact ED....I did not draw this....
Haruka real background 1.JPG

Haruka real background 1.JPG
Haruka Kanata!-1231 views(Background 1)1 comments
HAruka real background 2.JPG

HAruka real background 2.JPG
Haruka Kanata!-1128 views(Background 2)
Haruka real background00.JPG

Haruka real background00.JPG
Haruka Kanata (no background)-1109 viewsThis is how I really look when I'm drawing myself.... Anyway! I'd edit more pics like this if it weren't a pain. I used Sakura as a base and went from there...I has other backgrounds for this pic too, they will be up inna' sec....

Haruka Kanata-1784 views................meow...........2 comments

Haruka, really really bord-1202 viewsI'm playing sonic while I edit.......Thats how bord I am.............

Haruka Kanata-2081 viewsI 'ad notin' better to do......6 comments

Morons with video cameras-3026 views(click on picture for bigger view)3 comments
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